Normandie 360°, your regional information platform

Normandie 360° is a digital platform with superpowers which allows you to consolidate your business intelligence strategy.
This economic and regional intelligence tool selects, processes, organises and compiles information to give you the means to act and make decisions to benefit your company.

Are you planning to set up a business in Normandy or do you want to develop an effective business strategy?
With Normandie 360°, enjoy access to the “right” resources each day...

The superpowers of your economic, regional and strategic information and intelligence tool

It sorts and condenses economic, strategic and regional information in Normandy, saving you precious time.

It remembers the history of each topic when your news feeds disappear without a trace.

It identifies and tracks local personalities who matter to keep your address book up-to-date.

It highlights key data (figures, maps, etc.) to help you develop an effective business strategy.

It contains a library of resources to provide further information on the economic and regional subjects that interest you.

It presents projects & investments to give your company a better foothold in the appropriate markets.

It gives you an overview of public and private business to give you a better idea of the local situation.

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Normandie 360°: an economic and regional intelligence tool, in 4 complementary packs

1 free discovery package and 3 paying packages for the full experience.
  • Pack 1

    Panoramic Normandy
    A free-to-access overview of Normandy with:
    • Essential figures
    • A focus on “demographics and employment”
    • Comparisons of economic and regional data
    • Keys to understanding
    Free to access after registration Sign up
  • Pack 2

    Strategic Action
    All the essential issues which matter in Normandy, continually monitored:
    • Development of the Seine Axis
    • The energy and ecological transition
    • Infrastructure
    • Ports and airports
    • Tourism and appeal in Normandy
    • Cultural and sporting events
  • Pack 3

    Economic Action
    Quantified and illustrated analysis of the economic sector and key information on Normandy, with leading players and news, projects and investments:
    • Economic development players in Normandy
    • Backers and investors
    • The 12 major economic hubs of the Normandy region
    • New uses of the economy (CSR, SSE, etc.)
    • Sectors and competitiveness clusters
    • The digital ecosystem
    • Research and innovation
    • The academic world
    • International development of companies and export
  • Pack 4

    Public Action
    The world of local authorities and institutions, layer by layer, with flagship initiatives and priority prospects, key players, news and investment projects:
    • The State in the region
    • Local authority partners
    • The Normandy Region
    • The club of the 5 departments
    • The 3 metropolitan hubs
    • 18 Normandy intercoms with over 50,000 inhabitants
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Normandie 360° - Included services

Digital publication

  • Economic and regional data accessible in one click 365 days a year
  • Updated information added each month
  • Secure subscription to the intelligence and information tool (5 accounts included)
  • Economic and regional analysis of Normandy available in English on request (extra cost)

A flexible and collaborative intelligence tool

  • Summary and analysis of scalable data depending on your needs
  • Customised analyses for your company or your organisation on request

Interactive content

  • Clickable links to provide detail on key data for your company or local authority
  • An associated resource library
  • An integrated search engine

A monthly newsletter

  • To keep informed of key company and institutional news in Normandy

The Normandie 360° special business lesson

  • “At home” training on the use and understanding of this strategic intelligence tool.
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In your language !
  • Panorama in your language on quotation
  • Pack in english version available on request
  • Pack 1 Free available in english
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